Point Practice Putter/Putting Mat Combo
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New! Get both the Point Practice Putter and the Track Putting Mat and save!

Point Practice Putter:

Your go-to tool for instant feedback on your putting stroke. Avoid putting slumps by addressing the problem where it starts. Our experience in trials indicates that within 15 minutes the majority of practicers obtain solid strikes with THE POINT. Use while practicing and/or before each round.

Track Putting Mat:

The first putting mat to offer the natural feel of both fast and slow greens while providing the unique feature of tracing the ball path. Practicing straight-line putting - use the center line to clearly view your direction of swing. Practice S-Lie putting - create slopes with newspapers or books. This exclusive mat is produced with the finest synthetic materials;  highly durable and hand washable. Stores quickly, easily transportable.  Silicon hole cup was designed for quiet putting, ideal for home or office. Eliminate tracks quickly and easily  with the eraser rod.  

Size - W 19.7" x 124" (50x315cm)

  • Item #: 003
  • Manufacturer: The Point Golf
  • Condition: New

Point Practice Putter/Putting Mat Combo

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